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The 07th at 10:00

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François Chasseur LITTLE KIKK - 3D Printed Cookie Cutter

Eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and a bite of 3D printing. During this workshop, kids from 8 to 12 will design their personalized cookies. After some sketches on paper, they will use a touchscreen to design the cookie cutter. That cutter will be 3D printed and used right away to cook delicious shortbread.


Francois is passionate about technologies and the DIY movement. He combine his technical background and his craft love by working as co-FabManager for iMAL's Fablab in Brussels since 2012. Today he joins the Trakk, creative hub in Namur, where he will manage and animate the Fablab.

In a nutshell: numeric handyman, coffe addict, foodie, dad and tinkerer.



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