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The 06th at 14:30

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Greg Barth

Designer turned director Greg Barth is an award winning artist and director from Geneva, Switzerland, currently based in London. Greg Specialises in design driven projects ranging from video art and Installations to Music Videos and TV advertisements.


During the workshop, participants will create an original collective graphic composition based on the theme of childhood. Participants will have to bring a personal object, symbolizing their childhood. The object will be painted with the color that evokes best their childhood, in order to fix it in time and take off his utility, to keep only its physical shape and the memories it evokes.


Then, the object will be put in a graphical sanctuary (also build by participants), to create a fresco representing our childhood, and fix it in a precise time lapse. The object can be for example a toy, book, clothe, even something the smell makes us think about our childhood. It can be vague, subjective and original. If it's candies for example, make sure to take enough of them so the composition can be original. And of course participants have to be ready to « sacrifice » the object.



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