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The 06th at 10:40

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Nearly Normal Super Powers

Nearly Normal is a hands-on creative studio based in central London. They are fanatical about craft design. With a passion for papercraft and stop-frame animation they have created quaint, vibrant and colourful work for some of the world’s biggest brands.



A favourite game amongst children is the battle between good and evil, danger and rescue, the thrill of being in a battle in which a happy ending is certain. Whether a happy ending means the monster or villain wins at the end is up for debate!


You will get to unleash your creativity by creating paper assets that will transform you into a hero or villain. You will be taken to a time where simple things, like a cape, were able to transport you into a new universe.Think about superpowers you'd like to have or explore your dark side. Build your characters, goodies, assets and learn some paper techniques. Photograph and make GIFs out of your results and you will experience the joy and fun of playing, of role-play and inventing stories.


What comes so naturally for children will also come naturally for you, who will be in an environment where being creative and inventing a tale is just another day, well, out of the office!

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