The Talk
12 years of the Pleix Collective

Hour and date
The 08th at 14:30

Main room

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Pleix Collective of digital artists

Pleix is a community of digital artists (graphic designers, 3d artists, musicians...) willing to mix their skills to gain greater freedom for various projects. The Pleix touch could be a common work on limits, contradictions and accidents that show the fragility of the digital world. We are all based in Paris. 

We never put our inviduals name  but sign our different projects under the name of PLEIX. We work together since 2001. We are all complementary technically and creatively and it's an ideal situation for us to be together. Working together is a great help, we all believe that image, sound & edit are all equaly important.

12 years of the Pleix Collective

The origin, the creation of Pleix, the first movies, then advertisments, music video and now exhibitions...

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