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The 07th at 10:00

Galerie du Beffroi

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The Green Eyl Aperture Multidisciplinary design practice

The Green Eyl Sengewald Schumacher is a multidisciplinary design practice investigating the aesthetic potential of technology. Its five partners Willy Sengewald, Dominik Schumacher, Frédéric Eyl, Richard The and Gunnar Green divide their time between self-initiated projects and commissions, as well as consultancy and teaching. Their work has been nominated for Designs of the Year 2009 by Design Museum London, and awarded an Honorary Mention from Ars Electronica in 2008, 2009, and 2010. TheGreenEyl is based in Berlin, London, and New York.


Aperture  is a facade installation with interactive and narrative displaying modes. Consisting of an iris diaphragm matrix, the facade's surface with its apertures' variable opening diameters is enriched by a dynamic translucency, that creates new imagery as well as a new channel for communication between inside and outside. 

A façade covered in electrical eyes becomes a porous skin for a building, allowing the world to flow through it. Custom-made diaphragms similar to those found in cameras are arranged in a grid and form a membrane. Incoming light causes the irises to close while relative darkness makes them open up. With a distinct mechanical sound, the building perceives its surroundings. Then, once the sun is gone, scenes from the day may be remembered as if in a dream. Images of clouds and the shadows of passers-by flare up, yet this time in light flowing out from the inside.

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