The Talk
Computo Ergo Sum (from 0 to C)

Hour and date
The 07th at 09:00


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Ubi de Feo Hello savants! creative technologist

Ubi de Feo is one of the founders of Hello, Savants!, an Amsterdam based collective of creative people with unique disabilities and unexpected talents. About a decade of life in the creative hub that is Amsterdam, they collected a baggage of international experience in commercial work and personal projects. Ubi de Feo has a talented obsession for how reality unfolds that makes him compulsively collect, dismantle and reassemble any device into a gimmick, changing its destiny to an even more useless one.

Computo Ergo Sum (from 0 to C)

Created by Ubi de Feo, “Computo ergo sum” is a new series of workshops that aim at teaching programming using a more creative and human approach. Through the use of tangible, hand-made objects, He tries to establish a clear understanding of  how a computer works and what a programming language actually is: nothing but an abstraction of what we can do as humans. “Computo ergo sum”, originates from the need to prepare students to hardware (in particular Arduino) workshops in the shortest time possible.

There's two modules for this workshop. The second part will take place the 8th of november at 9:00

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