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DIY Cyborgs

Hour and date
The 07th at 10:00

Galerie du Beffroi

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Niklas Roy & Kati Hyyppä Artists

Niklas Roy (*1974 in Nuremberg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin) Roy uses art in order to explore technology. His researches result in mechanical sculptures, electric machines, interactive performances and electronic devices. 'We make money not art' once described him as one of the most facetious characters of the 'new media art' world. As part of his artistic practice, Roy also conducts workshops at festivals and art schools, often together with his partner Kati Hyyppä. Website


Kati Hyyppä (*1976, Helsinki) studied orinally cognitive science and worked several years in the context of digital media and participatory design. She is currently based in Berlin and explores combining traditional crafts with electronics, working also as an interaction designer and illustrator. Kati conducts design and crafts workshops and is inspired by settings where different communities come together to make something unexpected and delightful.

DIY Cyborgs

During three days of workshop the participants have turn themselves from regular mortals into do-it-yourself cyborgs. By inventing and constructing wearable mechanical technologies from a pool of funny materials gathered from the hardware store, they have alter the way their bodies interact with the surrounding world. Seeing 360° without turning your head, hearing through walls, are some cyborg dream that came true through the workshop base on a lot of unusual materials: funnels, hoses, mirrors, welding helmets, harnesses etc...

Results of those experiments in low tech cybernetics will be seen during the the KIKK Festival.

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