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I am Creative

Hour and date
The 07th at 14:30

Main room

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Kris Hermansson RESN Creative Fandango

Kris has been contributing to and leading Resn’s creative vision for a while now and has given up one natural disaster prone country, New Zealand for one the specialises in cheese and gigantism, The Netherlands. 

He now works out of Resn’s infant Amsterdam shoppe and loves most minutes of it. 

He specialises in Creative Direction, Ideation(it is a real word), Experience Design, Game Design, Pitch writing, Pitch presentation, Copywriting and speaks English fluenlty.

I am Creative

What is the essence of the creative process, in fact what does being creative actually mean?

Kris will talk about his own creative process via the twisted, unwashed lens of the Resn eye, and share with anyone who will listen how those devastatingly award missing ‘wacky ideas’ are birthed.

 “Discover the unlocked creative thought potential in all us through unlocking the power of human thought potential .”

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