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Make your own 3D printer

Hour and date
The 07th at 14:30


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3D Parts DIY Enthousiasts

Make your own 3D printer

This workshop is kindly sponsored by Design Innovation.


Build your own PrintrBot  in a day and return home with your own 3D printer ! In this one-day workshop, you will build your own printrbot together in a small group of enthousiastic printrbot builders. A complete printrbot kit will be offered by KIKK to a group and others will be able to gather and share the price of the other kits. The workshop is guided by an experienced 3D printer builder coach, and you will be fully assisted in building your machine step by step.


To get a chance to win the first kit, find a group of 10 people (your company mates, your classroom, your friends...) and send an email to marie(at)kikk(dot)be explaining why your group should win it.
In you don't win, you can gather 570 € with a group of people and attend the workshop by sending an email to Marie at marie(at)kikk(dot)be.


This workshop was programmed in partnership with the BEP.


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