The Talk
Media in Space – Facing the Reality

Hour and date
The 08th at 10:50

Main room

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Felix Hardmood Beck ART + COM Art Director & Concept Designer

Felix Beck works as Art Director and Concept Designer for the design studio ART+COM where he develops medial environments, designs media installations and envisions innovative objects. He will present in his lecture "The Disappereance of the Screen," a series of new and old works of ART+COM. These include among others the "Kinetic Sculpture" for BMW, "mobility" - a mechatronic installation consisting of 100 white prosthetic hands and mirrors for the World Expo Shanghai 2010, or the "Kinetic logo" for the German bank.

About ART + COM

ART+COM creates interactive installations, media spaces and architecture. The studio translates themes and content into media formats, staged exhibits, full exhibitions, show-rooms, and installations for public space.

Media in Space – Facing the Reality

ART+COM, studio for new media design, transfers and translates content into spatial environments using interactive media to make complex subjects accessible and tangible – in museums, exhibitions, visitors and science centers, at trade fairs and showrooms. Art Director Felix Hardmood Beck will give an overview about the spectrum of disciplines pointing out highlights and giving further insights: from early protoypes to final manufacturing.

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