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The 07th at 10:00

Galerie du Beffroi

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Vitus Schuhwerk, Till Maria Jürgens Artists

Vitus Schuhwerk and Till Maria Jürgens are from Cologne, Germany. They both work for the Köln International School of Design


"At - greater - lesser - number - Exclamation - Exclamation - Exclamation"  is a surface of an arbitrary machine communicating on an emotional level with the humans. It tries to make internal processes visible by an alteration of its surface structure and to react on interaction. The result is a playful handling, starting with a cautious approach, smooth movements, checking out the possibilities. When the interaction gets more intense, the machine will get overtaxed and show stronger reactions. In the end: total refusal, plays dead, it needs a break; until the next user will interact with it.

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