The Talk
Sculpting Global Financial Information Asymmetry.

Hour and date
The 07th at 10:50

Main room

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Paolo Cirio Media artist

Paolo Cirio  is a media artist known for his controversial and innovative artworks. He has won several international awards, exhibited in major museums and art institutions worldwide. Cirio's work deals with various issues related to the emergence of digital media in fields such as copyright, privacy, transparency, finance, advertising, geopolitics, democracy and fiction. He has worked in various fields: net-art, street-art, video-art, software-art and experimental fiction. 

Sculpting Global Financial Information Asymmetry.

Paolo will present his recent project Loophole for All, an leak and hack of Cayman Islands finance information system. The artwork exposed the Caymans firms and combined with an aggressive business strategy, reversed global corporate machination for creative subversive agendas. This performance generated local and international media attention, engaged an active audience and drew outrage from authorities on the Cayman Islands, international accounting firms and PayPal. The project investigated offshore centers to expose their costs and to envision solutions to global economic injustice.

Paolo Cirio will also introduce others of his noticeable works in which economical, social, legal relationships are unveiled and reshaped in his art performances of manipulation of informational power. His artworks will be presented through a theory of sculpting sensitive information flows in new structures that reveal conflicts, abuses and potentials of contemporary mediated realities.

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