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Soundposter 1.0

Hour and date
The 07th at 10:00

Galerie du Beffroi

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Trapped in Suburbia Trapped in Suburbia Visual communication and creative concepts

Our designs are at first an art of dealing with people; it focusses on human interaction and engaging our audience. We don't expect them to sit back and relax, we want to take them on a graphic journey and surprise them. Maybe sometimes we make them feel uncomfortable, maybe we make them smile. But always we try to open up the senses and set them out to seek and explore. Our audience is not just a target group, they are part of the design elements and we strive to immerse them in narrative design. We see ourselves as storytellers, critical design thinkers and strategists who are aiming to create valuable intangible experiences for people.
There is a Chinese saying; Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand.

Soundposter 1.0

The Sound Poster 1.0 is the first experiment in which Trapped In Suburbia tries to mix digital with analog or the other way together. The biggest reason is that the 'experience' is considerably larger. Digital installations / projects / apps are often linked to a screen / tablet and that means that for example the environment or material (tactility) play a minimal role while these aspects a large role have on our experience. The Sound Poster is the first experiment with what you can do with a poster (print) in combination with technology (digital). In this case, they use the open source technology and software Arduino and is connected with conductive copper ink. When the resistance changes, the sound changes with: soft touch gives a different sound than hard on the poster prints. The sound is now based on a synthesizer sound, the team is now working on a sequel in which the sound is more based on real classical instruments.

They got inspired by Kandinsky his music theory; music was very important for him and most of his work is based on music.

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