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Street ghosts

Hour and date
The 07th at 10:00

Galerie du Beffroi

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Paolo Cirio Street Ghost Media artist

Paolo Cirio  is a media artist known for his controversial and innovative artworks. He has won several international awards, exhibited in major museums and art institutions worldwide. Cirio's work deals with various issues related to the emergence of digital media in fields such as copyright, privacy, transparency, finance, advertising, geopolitics, democracy and fiction. He has worked in various fields: net-art, street-art, video-art, software-art and experimental fiction. 

Street ghosts

Life-sized pictures of people found on Google's Street View printed and posted at the same spot where they were taken. Street Ghosts reveals the aesthetic, biopolitical, tactical and legal issues, which can be explored through the artist’s statement and theoretical considerations. The artwork becomes a performance, re-contextualizing not only ready made informational material, but also a conflict. Ghostly human bodies appear as casualties of the info-war in the city, a transitory record of collateral damage from the battle between corporations, governments, civilians and algorithms.

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