Hour and date
The 06th at 10:00

Marquee (Place d'Armes)

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Mini Cut 2D

MiniCut2d is a CNC hot wire cutter for polystyrene : it allows the user to manufacture a multitude of components, and make technical, funny and decorative projects.


Because everyone knows how to hold a pen, drawing in two dimensions is the only truly open-to-all medium. On this basis, the MiniCut2d drives the wire over two dimensions, leaving the user the task to create the volume by adjusting the thickness of the material or by creating assemblies. Its software allows anyone of any age to realize a project from the simplest to the most complex, allowing the ideas to come to life in a few minutes. 

In the environment of digital manufacturing, MiniCut2d is the missing link between the vinyl cutter and 3D printer. Its incremental and spiralaire approach brings to the beginner increasingly high skills in design project computer.


You will find examples on the sharing project website and on the Youtube channel.


To be really useful for everyone, its usage had to be simple and intuitive. None of the existing software was able to fit, so we made one, taking advice from many nonusers in order to avoid complexity. And it works... :-)

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