Hour and date
The 06th at 10:00

Marquee (Place d'Armes)

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Superbe is a creative studiolab born in 2011, working on interactive processes that connect human and technology, real and digital, emotion and act. Pieces of pictures, sound molecules, electronic components and disorganized photons are sampled to make practical, intuitive and working concepts. They will be showing two of their musical projects that work with people engagement: Geometric Music and Minimom. 

Geometric Music is an application that uses geometry as an intuitive sounds editor. It works with the sounds recorded by people and allows them to choose different geometric possibilities to act on rythm, volume, stereo, speed... Each edge of the shapes can be parametrized by reading the sound normally, reverse, lower or muting. 

Minimom is a minimalistic device to create little everyday masterpieces. It consists in little boxes that enable people to play with their 8-bits recorded sound. There are different models for different musical features: arpeggio, rythm, granular.

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