Hour and date
The 05th at 10:00

Marquee (Place d'Armes)

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the Slate by ISKN

Last September 2013, ISKN started a Kickstarter campaign, launching the first smart surface, the Slate, integrated in a universal iPad cover for sketchnoters/designers drawers. The product allows users to digitize their sketches and notes in real time, while keeping a hard copy for their files, a strong added-value. The initial goal of $35,000 was reached in less than 14 hours, and the company raised $346,127 from 2,395 global backers at the end... 


ISKN is a company based in Grenoble, France that develops and commercializes an innovative and perceptive surface, The Slate. Developed with Leti sensor know-how over the past three years, ISKN's patented technology will be integrated into many new devices and for multiple applications (3D animation, gaming, handwriting...)


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