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Let Me Take a Selfie


Hours and dates

  • The 06th at 10:00


  • info desk



Let Me Take a Selfie

Using camera input is a very common strategy when working in the field of interactive installations and creative coding. The hardware is relatively cheap and it allows one to provide immediate feedback on user interaction.

In this workshop we'll talk about different strategies you can use to implement camera input as a tool. From your everyday webcam, over Kinects, Infrared and advanced OpenCV implementations. We'll have a look at the do's & don'ts and get hands-on with some live coding. And by the end of the day you'll be able to properly pimp your #selfies!


This workshop is open for everybody, previous experience is not required. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of programming and have a recent version of OpenFrameworks  installed on their laptop.

nøcomputer is a Creative Technology Lab, focusing on immersive installations, computational design and new forms of interaction.

Please note that you can only attend one workshop per person.

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