Pauline Saglio


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Pauline Saglio

Born in Paris, Pauline Saglio successively integrates Penninghen’s and Sevre’s Ateliers before joining ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne, where she is now a teacher in the Visual Communication Department. It was the wish to work on projects that could combine different fields and media that lead Pauline to integrate the Media and Interaction Design Unit, where she obtained her bachelor with honors in 2013. Coming from very academic schools, Pauline remains throughout the course of her studies very close to drawings mainly working with frame by frame animations she combines with programming and interactivity in order to break its linearity. To change the vision that some people have of interactive and digital projects, she likes to work by proposing highly accessible projects that use for most analog objects.
It is this interest in the combination of tangible and digital objects that is the thread conductor of his work and that remains his main source of inspiration to offer increasingly playful works.