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Screenings - World Brain


Hours and dates

  • The 06th at 10:00


  • Studio



Screenings - World Brain

Are humans now mice in a global lab? Looking at data-centre architecture, the collective intelligence of kittens, high-frequency trading, forest survival and the engineering of transhuman rats, World Brain goes down the Internet rabbit hole, all the way to dreams of collective intelligence and a hypothetical global brain. Taking the form of a film that oscillates between documentary, fiction and technical manual, and an accompanying website that unfolds and explodes like the fragments of a floor map, World Brain invites you on a journey into the world of data, and questions the role of humans within increasingly automated systems. How will we reinvent the human being in a dehumanizing environment? And so we follow the explorations of a group of researchers trying to survive in the forest equipped only with Wikipedia.

In contrast to the usual dream of disconnecting, they leave everything behind except connection.