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LAb[au] presents its workshop under the theme of ‘motion’: SMArt. Over 2 days on Nov. 5 & 6, you'll learn how to create kinetic sculptures with mechanical, electronic and programmable matter in a transdisciplinary and collaborative setting. The title ‘SMArt’ groups the key notions of the workshop ‘SMA’ and ‘art’, focusing on designing with intelligent so called smart materials.

Starting point are ‘sma’ or ‘shape-memory alloy’ (also known as a smart metal or memory metal); an alloy that remembers its original shape and that when deformed returns to its pre-deformed shape when heated. This material is a lightweight alternative to conventional actuators such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and motor-based systems.

Heat is applied though electric current or otherwise said a binary state (0=no heat, 1=heat) fed by basic electronic (arduino a.o.) equipment. The SMA are used in combination with steel rods or wood sticks and tissue or paper. The low cost of the SMA spring, the basic equipment and the simple programming instructions make a very accessible yet powerful creative tool.

Participants from diverse background (and age) are welcomed to participate and there is no need for programming or electronics (if any) qualifications. Due to the ‘hands on’ approach where science and art meet in a laboratory like setting, it’s a playful construct to group tinkerers around the theme of motion.

Please note that you can only attend one workshop per person.

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