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Va & Vient

Signes du quotidien


Hours and dates

  • The 25th at 00:00


  • Palais des congrès



Va & Vient

The Va & vient project is a sensorial experience where most of the five senses is interacting. Used at different stages in contributing to the final surprise, taste, touch, sight and smell are brought to associations of sensitive flavors.

Faced with an arcade developed in collaboration with the Gui collective, the user can interact in order to compose a dish. The specta(c)tor selects a certain number of forms / ingredients that initially generates a graphic production.

On Friday, designer Jeremy Joncheray will be working with the chef Olivier Meyer to make culinary preparations based on choices made by the public. The synaesthetic report, omnipresent, is the foundation of this interaction. The links between color, form and space will only be amplified. 

Dinner will take place at Palais des Congrès in Namur from 7 pm to 10pm. Book your spot for this unique dinner experience.