Vlek afterparty

For those who still have got something to say, some contact details and number to exchange, ideas to develop and some dance moves to show off, let's all meet at Piano Bar from 9PM, on Place du Marché aux Légumes. Let's party (again)!


The evening

Vlek After Party

For this afterparty we give the set to the famous Brussels electronic music label Vlek, they're coming with famous names of their catalog. Get ready for the blast!

VLEK afterparty line up:
Lawrence Le Doux https://soundcloud.com/lawrenceledoux
Aymeric De Tapol https://soundcloud.com/aymeric_de_tapol
Dimitri Runkkarri http://vlek.tumblr.com/post/9888250437/vleks-dimitri-runkkarri-on-rhythm-incursions


Let's meet at Piano Bar : Place du Marché aux légumes 17, 5000 Namur