the artists

Antoine Bertin listens his way around science and sensoriality, environment and audio storytelling, data and music composition. His immersive experiences have been shown at Tate Britain, Palais de Tokyo and Sonar+D, on NTS radio.

An experience by Antoine Bertin, in collaboration with:

Caroline Le Méhauté, Anagram, Alexis Sequera, André Füzfa, Isobel Dunhill, Emi Kodama, Juliette Aver, Anne Delbrouck et Robert Delforge



Hearing Gravity

A black hole is one of the strongest points of gravity in the universe. Imagine a trampoline with a heavy stone resting on it, bending its surface. The thing is, it isn’t just a deformation of space - but of time as well.

Gravity distorts the fabric of the universe in ways unknown to human senses.

Hearing Gravity is a listening experience exploring the way our perception would be affected, should we someday venture to plunge into a black hole.

Hearing Gravity is an installation co-produced by KIKK with the support of the Digital Arts Commission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, of TRAKK Namur and of Abattoirs de Bomel.