Henry Daubrez / Samuel Honigstein

Although he wasn't meant to design and even less for the web, Henry nevertheless spent the last decade spreading a culture of digital design based on quality, emotions, and a pretty obvious love for immersive cinematic design approaches.

Samuel Honigstein AKA Samsy helps people to understand technical and graphical challenges that might one day influence the very fabric of the web and beyond. He makes things that help creatives answer their questions mostly with 3D interactive graphics, XR prototypes, computational code and visual arts.




Life is short. At some point of our life, we all have to embrace this universal reality and dive deeper in the complexity of our interactions with other living creatures. What if we had the power to witness the small miracles of life, and experience years of evolution in a matter of second? What if we could for once have the best seats in the comedy of life?


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