Caroline Wolewinski

Caroline Wolewinski is an independent, Brussels-based, graphic design studio founded in 2016. She received her master's degree from Erg, BE in 2014 and graduated from a two-years residency program at the Werkplaats Typografie, NL in 2016. From artists and institutions to local businesses and brands she designs books, visual identities, websites, signage.


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Wrong moves, dead ends

Buttons, levers, handles and pedals are the containers of actions such as pressure, percussion, impact and balance. Wrong moves, dead ends questions our everyday life gestures and interactions that are taken for granted. Transitional objects trigger curiosity by offering an unstable and uncertain experience. They convey discontinuity and repetition that lies in our habits. The juxtaposition of gestures that one knows creates hybrid shapes and interrogates our regular gestures of control. What if instead of offering comfort, the objects of tomorrow will puts in danger the experience of a grip. What if the function of an object would be given by the
way it’s handled and not the other way around?

The book will be a container showing the outcome of the Speculative Design residency of September 2017 in the Cultural Center of Namur. Creating connexions between research material, sketches, references and final outcome— the so called ‘transitional objects’. The idea of design is envisioned on different levels of the creation: showing the process, showing the objects and another precious tool—the design of a font. A specific typography will be designed for the book aiming to emphasize the ideas behind the project. The structure of the book combines different time frames—the past (documents), the present (the process/the making of the objects) and the future (the use of the objects or the fantasy of it).


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