Leonardo Crescenti, Raquel Kogan and Rejane Cantoni

Rejane Cantoni and Leonardo Crescenti, based in São Paulo, have worked together as an artist duo since 2005. They have held numerous exhibitions in art institutions worldwide, including Ars Electronica; The Creators Project; Glow and STRP festivals; Espacio Fundación Telefônica; Copenhagen Contemporary Art Festival; do Itaú Cultural...
For Water, they worked together with Raquel Kogan, a São Paulo based artist, graduated in Architecture by the Universidade Mackenzie, who began in 2001 investigations about interaction, agency of space in digital media art. She was recently exhibited at Grand Palais in Paris. 




Water is a tactile-visual interface: a very large flexible  observation mirror, designed to undergo distortions in function of the weight and position of the visitor. The function of this large mirror is to reflect the light that falls onto it and to project the resulting shadows of the interactors, constantly changing as they move, on the installation.