Miranda Moss

Miranda Moss is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Cape Town whose practice toys with the representation of Nature as a pure and extra-cultural phenomenon. Largely preoccupied with tensions around artificial / natural, the land is used as a medium to explore how personal, political, economic and visual value structures are projected onto exterior environments. When not conducting “research”, she often employs a process that could be described as techno-alchemy; her works combining sublime, magical elements with everyday, banal ones by frequently incorporating found objects, recycled, accessible technologies, and ephemeral, natural processes.



The Timid Wilderness

An expanse of bioluminescent, sound-sensitive flowers emerges from the ultraviolet radiance of The Timid Wilderness. If one makes too much noise, the flowers hide away, closing their electronic petals and waiting for silence before blooming again. In the shade of the black light where the artificial flowers grow, we discover a form of communication invisible to the naked eye, which makes the flowers react to our presence. This connection with the emotive garden makes us question our relationship with our environment, which is experienced as an area of symbiotic interactions between two species that alter one another.

The Timid Wilderness is part of Les Voyages de Capitaine Futur, a European cooperation project run by Cinekid, la Gaîté Lyrique, WoeLab and KIKK.