Pfadfinderei is a Berlin-based design and motion graphics studio specializing in creative services for stage entertainment, large-format media installations, tradeshows and events. A reductionist approach to creativity are hallmark and signature style of Pfadfinderei.



The Monolith is a video sculpture which aesthetically melts screen and content. In a play between natural beauty and technical disruption, images of classical busts transform cyclically into abstract gradients and turn again into perceptible images.

The screen object consists of 2400 luminous acrylic rods which create an irregular pixel pattern with short rods in the centre of the object and longer ones at the outside. These different pixel sizes result in different pixel resolutions within the screen. The motive in the video animation becomes blurred at the left and right side of the screen and the continuing rotation of the busts in the videos plays with this effect, moving the figures constantly in and out of the focus.