If you are spiderman, a banker and a good father, are you the addition of the three or something else? Superbe is a hybrid studio working on interactive experiences connecting people and technology, real and digital, emotion and act. Pieces of smile, sound molecules, electronic components and disorganized photons are sampled to make practical, useful and working concepts. We started the studio in 2011 and began to create works that focus on human centered interactions.




SMing is an interactive choir installation offering people the chance to be both a conductor and an entire choir simultaneously. First,  the visitor’s voice is recorded in audio and video. The voice is analysed and software-modified to compose a full choir, from baryton to soprano. People will then lead the orchestra thanks to a connected baton. Users take the control of the choir’s rhythm and intensity and give the music a full artistic privacy. Each screen is a voice of the choir and is created from the original sound that was recorded first. The music is determined by people movements and tone of voice and is inspired by chords of musical writers. The objective is to make people experience the music in a different way, as they are immersed in their own vibration and harmony.

Can we endlessly sample and reinvent the profiles of our lives? Reinterpreting a work while being the matter and the master, the subject and the object? This question seems to echo an essential characteristic of our life, to be another for oneself is essential to the advent of our condition of creative subject. This dissociation is a prerequisite to our desire, the engine of our creative potential. The title of the work evokes this active/passive principle by the two capital letters S (sadistic position) and M (masochistic position) associated with the word "sing". To sing and to make someone sing, to « be sung ».
In this project, the individual (the undivided) confronts his fragmentary dimension (multiplied, divided) and it is this vital relationship that is questioned. Music is certainly what binds us most intimately to nature, and to its creative function. This work is an experiential metaphor of active principles at work in creation.