Franziska Windisch

Franziska Windisch lives and works in Cologne and Brussels. Her work moves between the areas of performance, text, composition and installation. She develops scores for performances and actions, that often address the notion of the trace, the medium, the finite and the unknown. Creating situations in which transformatory processes become tangible or setups with unpredictable or irreversible results are essential aspects of her artistic practice.


f_windisch - on random walks.jpg

On Random Walks

The installation On Random Walks revolves around the phenomenon of knots in vibrated granular chains and examines how knots contribute to the understanding of space and movement. In physics, granular chains are used as a model to study the behaviour of string-like objects such as DNA, RNA or polymer macromolecules that often become entangled.
An array of brass plates is set into vibration at infrasonic frequencies, diffused by sub woofers. A bead chain is placed in the center of each plate. Excited by very low, inaudible oscillations they start to move in unpredictable ways, which leads at times to spontaneous knot formations in varying complexity as well as their instantaneous dissolution. The bouncing strings in turn slightly strike the brass plates and create a pulsating field that constantly shifts by time, by the visitors walk through it and the change of one’s perspective.

A production of Overtoon with the support of the Flemish government.