The Speaker

Johannes Langkamp carries out ongoing, playful research into video as a medium. Inspired by the everyday, he makes many short fragments of video using simple means, giving them a raw and sketchy style. By exploring perspective and perception, Langkamp discovers outcomes that surprise himself as much as others. His ideas evolve while experimenting with the features and limitations of his tools (cameras, situations, displays), and through this process Langkamp develops rough sketches into installations highlighting the camera's relationship with space. The result is a straightforward observation presenting an unusual take on reality, giving the audience a taste of Langkamp's manner of seeing.

Time Traveler

Time Traveler is a staged time-lapse film in which a paper airplane seems to fly through the universe. The staging is simple; a hand cast in concrete holds a paper plane, this image stands still but the time (one night) perishes and the camera lens creates a new reality. The accelerated playback of this staging shows how we ('the human beings') move through the universe. Johannes Langkamp explores in his work observation perspectives that are made possible by technical means. With Time Traveler, Langkamp refers to the discovery of the telescope. Before the telescope was invented, man looked at the space around the earth from the earth (a geocentric model). The telescope had as a result that man observed the earth from the universe (heliocentrism). Time Traveler commemorates this discovery and thus prompts the spectator to reflect on the place of men in the universe.