The Speaker

Katinka de Jonge studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, at Sint-Lucas in Antwerp and at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (MFA). In her work she explores site specificity, focussing on the complex relations between design and daily life. For her installations she works with different media: video, sound, text and performance are returning components. Her work is often created in dialogue with the exhibition space and focuses on the tension between direct registration and conscious manipulation.


On the shoulder of giants_ Katinka de Jonge (2016) _ photo iMAL.jpg

On the Shoulder of Giants

The focal point of the installation On the Shoulders of Giants is the reconstruction of art through 3D printing. Katinka de Jonge began by setting up a 3D-database of statues and monuments in public spaces in Antwerp, all managed by the Middelheimmuseum. By examining, scanning and organizing these images, Katinka ‘steals’ existing forms in order to create her own images.

On the Shoulders of Giants reflects on the value of an art object in public spaces and raises questions about the associated subjective and emotional value judgments. Why do we always prefer the original over the copy?

Concept and realisation: Katinka de Jonge / Production: Werktank / With thanks to: Middelheimmuseum / With the support of the Flemish authorities