Line Up


21:00 - 22:00


With an obsession for perverted beauty, Obsequies act a go-between intimacy and intimidation, while gentle minimalistic piano try to find a way out drome the suffocative whirling mass of noise, ethereal voices resound through silence awaiting for the blast of ephemeral scattering beats. Described as an ode to love and dualité, their debut ep "organn" is out now on the Planet Mu sister label Knives.

Stellar OM Source

22:00 - 00:00


Stellar OM Source is the solo music project of Christelle Gualdi, a French-Italian music producer and DJ currently based in Belgium. Active for more than a decade, Christelle’s acclaimed 2013 album Joy One Mile and Nite Glo (2015), both on the boundary-pushing New-York label RVNG Intl firmly established her as an artist to watch out for. Both releases settled her musical direction. They bring elements of techno, house and disco in a unique musical palette, marking out her signature of emotive uplifting melodies and contagious, bassline-centered grooves. Christelle’s famed all-analog live sets create electrifying and energizing dance parties. Her DJ sets also have a distinct style: they bring the dark heaviness in late night settings as well as sensual vibes for warmups.


00:00 - 02:00


Najaaraq Vestbirk, aka Courtesy, is a solo DJ and label owner from Denmark. Endless hours digging in the more overlooked sections of the world’s record shops while championing the newest music coming out of her Copenhagen hometown has resulted in a unique and thrilling sound. Heading into 2018, and with recent shows at Berghain, Dekmantel Sao Paolo and De School under her belt as well as a continent-hopping tour of Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America, Courtesy’s relentless pursuit of new and exciting musical adventures continues to thrill clubs and festivals worldwide.