Arthur Zerktouni

Arthur Zerktouni, lives and works in France, graduated from Studio National du Fresnoy (2012) and pursues an artistic career focused on installation, sound and digital arts. He mixes simple materials and new technologies to create works that question our perception of a dematerializing world.
His multidisciplinary work is regularly exhibited in various artistic events where he can be found as an artist, scenographer, musician, etc.



This year, KIKK collaborates with Ker Thiossane & The Dakar Bienale with curators Delphine Buysse and Manon Louisgrand Sylla to show a selection of artists from the African Continent in the exhibition.

If we live in a dematerialized world, then the object is only a door that opens towards the heterotopia of art. The artist tries to orient his work in the direction of this assumption and explore the 'infra-thin' that separates the universes. This installation treats colour as the holographic reflection of matter: he projects light on coloured threads to modify our perception of them. The wires appear and disappear depending on the lighting generated by a computer program. Matter and light play together, their delicate game contrasts with the black of the room and reveals a fine neural or astrophysical network. The ripple is ephemeral but hypnotic, like electric waves that disturb our senses of dimensions. Rémanences is an optical and poetic installation made of wires and light, it is from its apparent simplicity that it unfolds all its wonderful meaning.