Tim Hunkin

Tim Hunkin trained as an engineer, but then became a cartoonist, drawing a strip for "The Observer", a UK Sunday paper. His next career was in television (writing and presenting 3 series of ‘The Secret Life of Machines’). After a few years working for museums (building interactive exhibits and curating exhibitions) his hobby building satirical arcade machines took over. He opened his ‘Under the Pier Show’ arcade on Southwold pier in 2001. He now also has an arcade in central London called Novelty Automation.


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Dive inside ‘The Bathyscape’ submersible to discover the secrets of the North Sea. Take a 3 minute armchair holiday on a magic carpet with ‘Microbreak’. Get immersed in an epic tale of bed bugs and tourists with ‘Air Bed-n-Bug’. Discover what seagulls really think of us humans inside the ‘Trust Nature'. Tim Hunkin will talk about his experiments with story telling, a feature of his recent machines : ‘Novelty Automation’ and ‘Under the Pier Show’ arcades.