Anna Ridler

Anna Ridler is an artist and researcher who lives and works in London. She has degrees from the Royal College of Art, Oxford University, University of Arts London and have shown at a variety of cultural institutions and galleries including Barbican, HeK Basel, Ars Electronica, Sheffield Documentary Festival, Leverhulme Centre for Future Intelligence, Tate Modern and the V&A. She is a recipient of the 2018 European Media Art Program (partnering with Impakt) and the winner of the 2018-2019 Dare Art Prize.


Myriad (Tulips)_Install Shot.jpg

Myriad (Tulips)

This piece is the training set - the information given to the algorithm from which it learns - that was used to create the work, Mosaic Virus (presented in the exhibition). Ten thousand, or a myriad, of photos of tulips were taken over the course of tulip season and each has been categorised by hand, revealing the human aspect that sits behind machine learning.