The ECAL, Lausanne's cantonal school of arts, regularly ranked among the 10 best art and design schools in the world, trains more than 500 students every year. The school's influence at European and global level is based on numerous collaborations with cultural, educational and corporate partners around the world. Among their many courses, the Bachelor in Media & Interaction Design creates bridges between different disciplines of visual communication and new technologies. Prospective, pragmatic, experimental and critical, this course leads to vast perspectives in the service design industry as well as in the artistic and cultural world.



Fantastic Smartphones

Fantastic Smartphones is an exhibition designed by the students of ECAL's Bachelor Media and Interaction Design programme. Behind a title full of derision, accessories and alternatives for smartphones, interactive installations and mechanical performances put into practice the abuses present in our abusive use of our famous smartphones. By imagining alternative ways of interacting with our smartphones or by delegating our repetitive gestures to machines, the installations take a critical look at a society that has become addicted to an object that seems indispensable.