Filipe Vilas-Boas

Filipe Vilas-Boas is a Portuguese artist who lives in Paris. His work combines twisting, reinterpretation and new media. In particular, he examines our digital practices and their ethical and aesthetic implications. He addresses themes such as automation, surveillance and the digital economy. His work has been published in the last two editions of the book Portuguese Emerging Art  2018 and 2019. He regularly exhibits in France and internationally: ADAF, Share Festival, UNESCO, Le Cube, Biennale Siana, Biennale Némo, CENTQUATRE, Zaratan, MAAT Museum, Tate Modern.



The Punishment

Preventive punishment for a possible future disobedience.
Tainted with dark humor, this dystopian anthropomorphization underlines the fears that AI and robotics engenders by reactivating the myth of the creature escaping the control of its creator. At the turn of the century, questions related to man-machine relationship are popping up in everyone’s mind. How automated do we want our world to be? What physical, moral and legal framework should we use? How de we put ethics in robotics? Isn't it time to reinvent the school? Shall we rewrite a new social contract?