Guided visits of Le Pavillon

Come and discover the latest of KIKK’s project: Le Pavillon.
This new permanent space for discovery and experimentation is dedicated to innovation, digital and creative cultures. Le Pavillon offers a program at the crossroads of art, science and technology and allows everyone to discover the latest innovations in a playful way.

Thomas et Piron Bâtiment offers you guided tours of Le Pavillon and its exhibition Humans / Machine during KIKK Festival !

This exhibition explores the implications of the development of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies by examining their (in)ability to mimic natural processes, human behaviour and creativity.

The exhibition will focus on human-machine relations, robotics, and will compare our perception systems with those of machines. The exhibition will showcase works of art, technological innovation products and results from research centres.

The public will discover the world of deepfakes, robots, machines mimicking humans and universes generated by algorithms.