Les Yeux d’Argos

Les Yeux d'Argos is a multifaceted collective of research and creation in visual and digital arts. The aim of the project is to confront the public with the new essences of the image and to propose a cross reading between science, nature and society.
The collective is committed to the sharing and reappropriation of scientific, technical and industrial knowledge and to the development of social, scientific and ecological awareness. They create interactive and sensitive digital installations that reveal the mysteries of the physical world and question our being.


Le kaléidoscope

Kaleidoscope is like a sphere that turns on itself with an acute triangle on the end; it is like a crank handle motif that opens and closes ad infinitum; it is like an optical instrument used to see the world limitlessly. It is a kaleidoscope, a child's toy, but bigger and open to the world.