Mathieu Zurstrassen

Mathieu Zurstrassen is a trained architect who from 2013 embraces the path of visual arts. In designing objects, he moves away from the projection of the drawing and focuses on the experimentation of construction. He gives added value to his work, symbolic and philosophical, on the quality of the invisible and the relationships thus created between the sender and receiver. He uses the codes of craftsmanship to solve aesthetical issues often at the borders of the unspeakable. Highly technical, Mathieu Zurstrassen combines the ambiguity of materials, a poetic thought made of humor and delicacy.

He has since exhibited in various events, galleries and festivals such as the KIKK Festival or Ars Electronica or Venice Biennale.



«MARGARET» is an elaborate prototype of 'ESP’ or more precisely an; "Emotional Support Plant". She was designed by the eminent Professor Hamilton to fill her loneliness and converse with her as they both found themselves isolated in an undetermined cosmic area. One day, after long cycles of exchanges and conversations, Margaret realized that Hamilton was on a no-return expedition. She then decided she would start to build her own “ESP” prototype . César18, will be the name of this project.