Mélia Roger

Mélia Roger (born in 1996) is an artist and sound designer based in Zurich (Switzerland). Her work explores the soundscape of media and technology, by looking at the intimate connection between individuals and networks. She holds a sound engineering degree from the National Superior School Louis-Lumière (Paris) and she is now continuing a further academic research in the master of Transdisciplinary Studies at the Zurich University of the Arts, collaborating on acoustic ecology and soundscape streaming projects. 


Melia Roger The voice.jpg

The Voice is voices

The voice is voices is a sound installation about vocal identity. You enter a space containing two voices: one human and the other, its synthesized clone. The artificial voice has been constructed from a vocal corpus of many hours of recordings, and each word is generated completely by the machine, via text-to-speech synthesis. As a vocal deep fake, this voice is the mirror of the original one. The listener is invited to meander around the sonic space… and try to feel the in-between  — this distance from the original voice to its simulated twin !