So Kanno & Takahiro Tamaguchi

So Kanno
Born in Japan. Based in Berlin since 2013. Completed Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science. In recent years, he has focused on multiple robotic systems and exploring their possibilities for artistic use.

Takahiro Tamaguchi
In 2009, completed information design department at his master course with Media Art major at graduate school of Tama Art University.He uses a lot of digital media in his artwork and has been inspired a lot by the possibilities of expressions in public areas.


(c)Yohei Yamakami (1).jpg

Senseless Drawing Bot

SENSELESS DRAWING BOT is an autonomous drawing machine that uses the chaotic movement of a double pendulum and draws abstract lines dynamically. The modified electric skateboard with double pendulum detecting the direction of the pendulum and amplifying movement by swinging. When the head speed passes over the threshold, it draws. This work simulates an act of graffiti by extracting the dynamism of the drawing by eliminating the human body and assertion from graffiti that is recognized as an expression method. We explore the essence of graffiti and try to connect a new interpretation.