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Night Shift
Night Shift
Night Shift
Night Shift

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  • From 10am to 6pm daily

VOID is a collective of visual artists comprising Arnaud Eeckhout (BE 1987) and Mauro Vitturini (IT 1985). They have lived and worked in Brussels since 2013. Active both in Belgium and abroad, they were notably winners of the Salomon Residency Award in New York (2019) and the Prix Médiatine (2015).

VOID is developing an artistic approach that questions sound as a vector of representation, using the medium of sound in the same way that a painter uses his brush to trace the contours of the visible.
For the duo, the invisibility and immateriality of sound become the starting point for an exploration that questions the phenomena of language and memory. Their multi-disciplinary work takes a wide variety of forms, including video, installation, book, performance, sound pieces and public interventions.

Collectif VOID

Night Shift

Night Shift is a random Opera for a choir of articulated robots.

This project was produced through the collaboration of Colletif VOID with researchers from the University of Namur (UNamur).

Night Shift is based on the research of Elio Tuci and Timoteo Carletti (UNamur) in the domain of bio-inspired robotics and computational intelligence.The installation features a troop of robots designed to operate autonomously, following a restricted set of actions. Just like individuals in a swarm (bees, ants, etc.), each robot in Night Shift follows its own path.

Rules are :

Walk straight
IF crossing the road of a peer
THEN stop walking and start singing
THEN repeat

The robots interact with one another randomly, each one with its own set of generated lyrics, creating a never-ending, always different composition.

Seemingly engaged in their duty, the anthropomorphized bots are called the Watchmen, guardians of an empty space. Their words reveal the Sisyphean aspect of any act of surveillance, as well as the condition of human beings involved in it :

We’ve watched and walked,
We’ve searched and scanned,
But still we wonder, what is our plan,
Is there a purpose in this place,
Or are we just filling an empty space?

The installation is produced in collaboration with the KIKK, TRAKK, UNamur, la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.

Singers: Philippe Favette – Kenny Ferreira – Julie Calbete – Julie Vercauteren
Engineering supervisor: Elio Tuci – Timoteo Carletti
Engineering: Muhanad Hayder

Night Shift