Shivay La Multiple

Liba Sacré
Shivay La Multiple
Shivay La Multiple
Liba Sacré

The place

Espace Saintraint



Hours and dates

  • From 10am to 6pm daily

In her practice, Shivay La Multiple teaches reason the language of dreams. Using multiple mediums, she/they creates escape routes into new worlds, multiverses and pluriverses. Like Moebius’ ribbon, her research moves from the global to the visceral, from the macro to the micro, from dream to reality, from the physical to the digital. She/they is inspired by the concept of the poetics of relationship, while remaining influenced by the many places she/they has crossed.

Her research focuses on the form and volume of a tale of initiation that begins in the Maroni River, then glides along the Congo River, sinks into the waters of the Senegal River, Casamance and is carried away by the waves of the Nile. So these multiple crossings that wind through space and time, dream and reality, the physical and the digital, all lead to the woody fruit : the calabash.

Shivay La Multiple

Liba Sacré

Windows on sacred Liba
A political, economic, spiritual and poetic entity
Bridge between the immensity of the ocean and the interior
A place of oppression and revolt
A space for all currents, for multi-faceted beings
In one and the same movement, never mixing with the salt water