Antoine Bertin

Biomimetic Listening
Antoine Bertin
Antoine Bertin
Biomimetic Listening

The place

La Bourse - Rops



Hours and dates

  • Oct 26 from 14:10 to 14:50
Ambassade de France en Belgique
Institut Français

Antoine Bertin is a european artist working at the intersection of science and sensory immersion, field recording and sound storytelling, data and music composition. His creations take the form of listening experiences, immersive moments and audio meditations exploring our relationships with the living world.

Studio Antoine Bertin is a listening experience studio designing interactive installations, live music performances, podcasts series, mixed realities and immersive sound events. Studio Antoine Bertin is based in Paris and Alicudi Island, and works internationally.

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Biomimetic Listening

Music and biodiversity, science and rituals, machines and interspecies conversations : designing listening experiences that transform our relationship with the living world.