Špela Petrič

AI as Infrastructure, Automation as Care
AI as Infrastructure, Automation as Care

The place

La Bourse - Rops



Hours and dates

  • Oct 27 from 14:10 to 14:50

Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist with a background in the natural sciences. Her artistic practice combines biomedia practices and performativity to enact strange relations between bodies that reveal the underpinnings of our (bio)technological societies and to propose alternatives.

Špela exhibits internationally and has received several awards, such as the White Aphroid (Slovenia), the Bioart and Design Award (Netherlands), and an Award of Distinction at Prix Ars Electronica (Austria).

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AI as Infrastructure, Automation as Care

How is advanced automation implemented in two seemingly disparate domains – agriculture and healthcare – that nevertheless share a common impetus, to care for bodies ?

Špela shares strategies of gaining access and communal knowledge production to better understand the hidden underbelly of our societies, no less political than what screams from our screens.