Naked - The beauty of feeling uncomfortable
Marcel Ziul from State
Marcel Ziul from State
Naked - The beauty of feeling uncomfortable

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  • Oct 26 from 17:00 to 17:40

Marcel Ziul, STATE‘s founder and Executive Creative Director, has a rich professional history spanning multiple countries, including the US and Brazil. His diverse cultural experiences have shaped his innovative approach to creative direction, enabling him to provide a global perspective to his studio.

At STATE, Marcel has collaborated with prominent brands such as Apple, Facebook, Nike, Google, FX, NFL, Under Armour, ESPN, Electronic Arts, Amazon, UFC, and more.

Since establishing STATE in 2014, Ziul and his talented team have received widespread acclaim and numerous accolades from the industry, including Clios, Promax BDA’s, MTV VMA’s, and Emmy Awards.

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Naked - The beauty of feeling uncomfortable

In a charismatic talk, Marcel Ziul takes the audience on a heartfelt journey through the various mental states we encounter in our careers.
Marcel’s unfiltered honesty addresses relatable issues about who we are as humans and artists and how we can confront the challenges, from demanding clients to trivial office needs, from early trauma to our better selves.