Studio Mals

Clever, Colorful, Playful
Clever, Colorful, Playful

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  • Oct 27 from 14:20 to 15:00

Martin van der Molen and Silas Nout from Studio Mals crafts high-quality eye-catching images and film. Their work is very tangible, preferably handmade, and has a playful attitude to it.

It’s a team of meticulous crafters who cherish the details. Their distinctive aesthetics result in clever, playful, and ridiculously sexy handcrafted eye candy !

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Clever, Colorful, Playful

Studio Mals creates ridiculously crisp photos, videos, and stop-motion animation. Their work is the equivalent of playfulness and it’s all handmade. No CGI here.

Expect to witness an explosion of colorful and detailed aesthetics, resulting in incredibly sexy handcrafted eye candy for big brand clients.

Be ready to take a deep dive into the behind the scenes of this handmade magic, while also learning a thing or two about running a creative business. These guys know how to turn work into play !